About us

Partnering with customers to develop and implement relevant products, services and solutions that enable them to achieve their aspirations.

Our Vision

Stakeholders (Employees, Partners, Shareholders) Achieve their Aspirations.

Our Impact

Customers Achieve Their Aspirations.

Our Mission

Partnering with customers to develop and implement relevant products, services, and solutions that enable them to achieve their aspirations.

Edge Evolve works closely with its clients to understand their goals, aspirations, and challenges. By doing so, the company aims to develop and implement tailored products, services, and solutions that are specifically designed to address their unique needs. This approach highlights the customer-centric focus of Edge Evolve. Rather than offering generic or one-size-fits-all solutions, the company recognizes the importance of customization and relevance. It acknowledges that each customer has their own specific objectives and requirements, and therefore, collaboration is crucial to ensure that the provided products, services, and solutions align with those aspirations. The company aims to empower its customers by providing them with the tools, technologies, and support they need to succeed in their endeavors. This includes digital transformation initiatives, innovative services, or strategic consulting to help customers unlock their full potential and achieve their desired outcomes.

Our Values


Treating our stakeholders empathetically and respectfully.

Mutual Benefit

A mutual gains philosophy in everything we do.

Creativity & Innovation

Developing innovative business and technology solutions for customers.

Empower & Mentor

Supporting the empowerment of our people, partners, and customers

Our Story

Our journey started in 2002 when Edge Evolve was founded in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, South Africa. We set out with a clear vision: to provide cutting-edge ICT services that would transform industries and empower businesses across the country. Little did we know that our passion and dedication would propel us to become one of the foremost ICT services providers in the nation.

As we grew, we expanded our reach and capabilities, serving a diverse range of industries that included telecommunications, financial services, the public sector, and the dynamic oil and gas sector. Our commitment to excellence and our ability to adapt to the evolving needs of our clients allowed us to establish a strong foothold in these sectors, earning their trust and becoming their go-to partner for technology solutions.

In 2018, fueled by our success and driven by a desire to make a greater impact, we embarked on an ambitious journey to explore new territories. We set our sights on Africa and the Middle East, regions brimming with immense potential and ripe for technological advancements. This expansion opened doors for us to engage with customers beyond the borders of South Africa, unlocking a world of opportunities.

Venturing into new territories meant embracing diversity on an unprecedented scale. We seized this chance to build a team that reflected the rich tapestry of cultures and languages found in the regions we now served. Our multicultural and multilingual team became our greatest asset, enabling us to connect with clients from different backgrounds, understand their unique needs, and deliver tailored solutions that surpassed their expectations.

Throughout our journey, we’ve been blessed with invaluable experiences and a wealth of knowledge spanning multiple domains. These experiences have shaped us, allowing us to evolve and specialize in a range of practices that form the foundation of our services. Today, we stand as experts in practices that enable our customers to achieve their strategic objectives through digitization.

We take immense pride in our ability to navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology, harnessing its power to propel businesses forward. Our dedication to innovation, coupled with our unwavering commitment to our customers’ success, sets us apart. With each passing day, we strive to exceed expectations, pioneering new solutions and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Edge Evolve is more than a company; it’s a driving force behind digital transformation. We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey as we continue to help our customers reach their strategic objectives, embrace the digital future, and shape a world where possibilities are limitless.

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Executive Leaders

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Yusuf Salejee


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Manny Moreira

Chief Executive Officer

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Aubrey Klaasen

Chief Operating Officer

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Alan Brews

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

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Martin Ackermann

Group Chief Commercial Officer

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Herman Badenhorst

Managing Director

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Pravina Young

Managing Director

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Frances Jordaan

Managing Director

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Muhammed Salejee

Managing Director

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Raeesah Salejee

Managing Director

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Elie Bhanniny

Managing Director