Cloud & Datacenter Roadshow​​

Leading industry experts explored topics such as cloud management, security, governance, orchestration, sustainability, and customer engagement as they presented proven strategies for implementing digital-first business models, accelerating development and delivery, and enabling innovation.

Africa Analytics For All Summit​​ 2023

Edge Evolve attended the summit where information was shared how to Democratize your data, automate analytic processes, and cultivate a data-savvy workforce.
1.The Latest in Automated Analytics
2.How organizations can align their analytical efforts to their business objectives
3.How organizations can benchmark their approach to analytics relative to their peers and gain insight into accelerating their analytics democratization journey.


Time Management Solution​​

We are excited to announce a major new feature that has been added to our DataAssist Timesheet Management solution! Our platform can now seamlessly integrate with the Outlook calendar of Microsoft 365, allowing users to capture timesheets against their calendar entries with ease.
This new feature represents a significant breakthrough for professionals who need to keep track of their time and activities throughout the day. With the ability to capture timesheets against their calendar entries, users can gain a more accurate picture of how they’re spending their time and ensure they’re staying on top of important tasks.
Our developers have worked tirelessly to make this integration as seamless as possible, ensuring that users can easily sync their calendar with our timesheet management solution. This means less time spent on administrative tasks and more time to focus on what really matters – getting work done!

Business Won

Edge Evolve begun development of a Cleaning Service Application with Basani Group.

Cleaning Service Application Features: 
IOS, Android & Huawei native design & development
Backend Middleware Development
API development/Web Services
CMS Admin & Customer Care
Activities and actions logging
Customer Onboarding
Booking a Service
Profile Management
Customer support module
Business and Administrative Reports

Strategic Partnership

Edge Evolve is proud to announce a new partnership with Master Data Management, a data integrity specialist company.

Data Management Strategic Alignment

Edge Evolve has entered into a strategic alliance with Deloitte in the Middle East region to offer Data Management Services using Talend.

Enterprise Document Management System

Edge Evolve has been appointed by the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development as the system integrator for the implementation of their Electronic Document Management System.

Customer Value Management - Oracle CX

Edge Evolve has been appointed to provide MTN South Africa with Oracle CX skills for the implementation of their Sales & Marketing platform as part of the Customer Value Management journey.