DataWave and Edge Evolve Pave the Way for Talend Studio Enterprise Migration

In a strategic move to foster innovation and enhance user experience, Talend has officially announced the discontinuation of Talend Open Studio, effective January 31, 2024. As part of this transition, DataWave and Edge Evolve are reaching out to every customer currently using Talend Open Studio to facilitate awareness and support for a seamless upgrade and migration process to the enterprise version of Talend Studio.

DataWave and Edge Evolve Pave the Way for Talend Studio Enterprise Migration

The details of this transition plan can be found in the article titled “Update on the Future of Talend Open Studio” on Talend’s official blog at This article provides comprehensive information about the discontinuation of Talend Open Studio and outlines the strategic approach to assist users in making a smooth transition to the advanced capabilities of Talend Studio Enterprise.


As part of the transition plan, two essential Talend partners, DataWave and Edge Evolve, can support users throughout the upgrade process, streamlining the migration journey, serving as strategic allies to connect users from the initial Talend Open Studio to the advanced features of Talend Studio Enterprise. Talend Studio Enterprise focuses on rapid platform innovation, ensuring organizations consistently utilize the latest technology. Users can benefit from extended features, innovation, and regulatory compliance, all supported by Talend’s Trust Portal, Customer Success team and the Talend Academy.


DataWave and Edge Evolve’s expert teams are ready to assist every Talend Open Studio user in measuring their existing footprint, establishing business priorities, and guiding them through incremental deliverables. The collaborative support from DataWave and Edge Evolve makes the migration process more manageable.


As Talend bids farewell to Talend Open Studio, DataWave and Edge Evolve are here to guide every step of your data integration journey. For further details and insights, visit Talend’s official blog for the complete article on the future of Talend Open Studio:


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