About EDGE Evolve

The EDGE Evolve Group is the result of the growth of various businesses that led to the definition of the groups core strengths

The ability to incubate people, companies and technologies, which ultimately connects people with their aspirations.

The journey started with EDGE Consulting which grew organically and provided the means to start various niche focuses as departments within EDGE Consulting.  Each of these department’s growth created the natural path for them to become stand alone businesses in their own right.

In this process the challenges that innovative people, businesses and technologies face grew into a mature frame work. This framework – the EDGE Novate framework is now a mature approach that understands the following:

•   Market you constantly have to innovate

•  While the process of innovation and stabilization of the business takes place, the normal business as usual practices is not appropriate

• In order to be successful in incubation, the business as usual companies must be operated in a different realm to reduce risk

•  To truly enable a person, company or technology in the incubation phase the business as usual practices are introduced in a phased approach as the entity matures.  

At EDGE Evolve we believe that by operating in the two spheres of incubation and business as usual provides us with a sustainable model that will keep the companies relevant for an ever changing future

Our Companies

Listening to our clients gives us valuable insight in bettering our service levels throughout our entire group