Stakeholders (Employees, Partners, Shareholders) Achieve their Aspirations.


Partnering with customers to develop and implement relevant products, services and solutions that enable them to achieve their aspirations.

Our Story

Our journey started in 2002 when Edge Evolve was established in Johannesburg, South Africa. The group expanded quickly to become one of the main ICT services providers in the country serving multiple industries such as:

1. Telecommunications
2. Financial services
3. Public sector
4. Oil and Gas

In 2018, the group expanded to new territories covering mainly Africa and the Middle East. This has given us the unique opportunity to acquire customers outside of South Africa and to build a multi cultural and multi lingual team that helps us reach all countries in the new territories

Along this journey, we were fortunate to acquire knowledge and experience across multiple domains. Today, the group specializes in multiple practices that enable our customers to reach their strategic objectives through digitization.