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EDGE Evolve is an Innovative, Technology Driven Group of Companies. We are passionate about Connecting People to their Aspirations through technology

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Our unique and fundamental understanding of data allows us to provide superior business solutions through our value chain of services, products and solutions


Our success is grounded in the dynamic, innovative and challenging environment created for our staff, stakeholders and partners alike


We assist our clients by uniquely applying and operating technology to make their business aspirations a reality

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Our offering enables individuals and organisations alike. We believe in growing with you buy delivering service excellence whenever you need it in any request you make.

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Our extended offerings

  • Application Support
  • Application Management Services
  • Integration Services
  • Dev OPS
  • Product Development
  • Solution Architecture
  • Consulting Services
  • Professional Services
  • ICT Governance Services
  • Full IT Managed Services
  • Data Management
  • Digital presence development
Using the EDGE Novate Framework - We grow people, businesses and technologies through incubation
  • Business Concept
  • Identify the first opportunity
  • Consolidate the relationship
  • Registration of New Co & Ownership
  • Planning
  • Governance
  • Market Presence
  • Go To Market
  • Staff Acquisition
  • Procure
  • Produce
  • Sell
  • Deliver
  • Grow
  • Operate
  • Maintain
  • Support
  • Sustain
  • Grow
The value of the EDGE Novate framework is not only limited to enabling the incubated incumbent, we bring the wealth of understanding of how to approach new markets based on their maturity. We guide our people, companies and partners to understand what the challenges and requirements are to move through the various stages of maturity

EDGE Evolve has a continuous journey with our companies to ensure that each business successfully sell their offering and successfully deliver to the highest standards.




Awareness Consideration Research Selection Purchase Delivery
Search Engine Marketing (Organic & Paid) Website Sales Guide
Playbook containing best practices, strategies, resources, references and guided-selling processes
Vertical Search Engine Marketing (Organic & Paid) Micro Site Demos Trials AFIs/RFPs Customer Reference Program
Trade/Industry Events Social Networks Case Studios Customer Reference Program Contracts Customer advisory Board
Partner Assets Partner Events/Programs Whitepapers Community Programs Pricing WW, Regional and Local User Events
Community Programs Blogs(Topical and Industry) Analyst Reports Analyst Reports Customer References Training and Educational Programs
Research analyst Events Webinars/Webcasts(brand & partner) Competitive Analyses Executive Sponsor/Briefing ROWTCO Reports Installation, Service and Support Programs
Technical Exchanges Viral Marketing Product Data and Factsheets Customer Advisory board Customer Advisory Board
Marketing Promotions Online media Programs Technical and Architectural Papers User Group Programs
Contextual Banner Marketing Online media Programs(industry-specific) Application Scenarios and Journal Articles
Speaking Engagement Company Brochure
Service Collateral
Partner Collateral

In the incubation journey the following challenges re addressed.


Our business is built on partnerships. We believe in beneficial outcomes to all parties involved – it is the key to success in all our partnership models. We ask the hard questions to ensure that we have the right partners.

EDGE Evolve is a Level 1 – BBBEE company with a firm belief that the growth of the South African and African economy starts with businesses like our own that has a clear set of principles for economic growth

  • Support of SME’s
  • Enterprise Development initiative for Women Owned Companies
  • Enterprise Development initiatives for Youth Owned Companies
  • Supporting NGO’s with the same values
  • Partnering with NGO’s and Organisation with the same values

The EDGE Evolve Group has embarked on various journeys with the following entities to live the vision of the Group


The EDGE Evolve group was grown organically over time.  Therefor we have a deep understanding of the challenges around funding a new venture or taking it to the next level.  Companies within the group have been successful in gaining access to grants as a result of the strength of the group

Some of the  funding opportunities within the group are

  • Inter company deal sheets to enable break even business
  • Raising funds from financial institutions based on the strength of the group
  • Funding application management process to ensure a successful outcome

EDGE Evolve is a contributing BBB-EE level 1 company.  We take pride in meeting the compliance requirements to stay on this level.  Both our staff, customers and partners benefit from our status in the following ways:

It ensures market share retention which provided longevity of employment to our staff

BBB-EE status gives us a competitive advantage to be a preferred supplier as well as new growth opportunities with Tenders

We are contributing to economic growth that will enable the spending power in our country

The EDGE Evolve group has a sustainable business model that ensures social, environmental, governance, financial security as well as safe environment for our staff, partners and customers

Mergers and Acquisitions – We do both for the right reasons

The reasons for the EDGE Evolve M & A strategies are varied, here are a few examples why we have ventured down this path – with success

Edge Group of Companies

Listening to our clients gives us valuable insight in bettering our service levels throughout our entire group